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Скачать No Man's Sky [1.07 + 1 DLC] (2016) [RUS] PC торрент

No Man's Sky [1.07 + 1 DLC] (2016) [RUS] PC
Год выпуска: 12 августа 2016 
Жанр: Action / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person 
Разработчик: Hello Games 
Издатель: Hello Games 
Платформа: PC 
Версия: 1.07 + 1 DLC 
Тип издания: Лицензия [GOG] 
Язык интерфейса: Русский / Английский / Мультиязычный 
Язык озвучки: Русский / Английский / Мультиязычный 
Таблэтка: Не требуется (DRM-Free) 
No Man's Sky – игра, с самым большим открытым миром. Сначала вам доступна одна планета, которая может быть радиоактивная, покрыта льдом, вся в воде, с опасными хищниками, растениями и много других факторов. Если, находясь на планете, идти чётко прямо очень долго (несколько суток реального времени), то можно обогнуть планету и прийти в то же место, откуда вы начали путь. На вашем звездолёте можно путешествовать так между других планет, которых в игре 18 квинтиллионов, солнечных систем, которых галактик или даже сквозь чёрные дыры, на много тысяч световых лет вперёд. Но как такой гигантский открытый мир, смог уместиться на компьютерных микросхемах? Весь секрет в том, что у игры существует некая формула, по которой генерируется мир. То есть, если вы прилетите на неизведанную планету, вам сгенерируется определённая модель животных, ландшафта и климата. Когда вы улетите, все эти файлы удалятся, но если вы вернётесь туда же, вас будут ждать всё те же модели животных, всё тот же климат, и всё будет располагаться так, как располагалось ранее, потому что всё генерируется по той же «формуле» что и ранее. 

Системные требования: 
Операционная система: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (x64) 
Процессор: 2.5 Ггц 
Оперативная память: 8 Гб 
Видеокарта: 1 Гб (Nvidia Geforce GTX 480 / AMD Radeon 7870) 
Место на жестком диске: 10 Гб 

Objectives and stuck without Hyper-drive Issues 
Player no longer able to redeem your pre-order ship at a point which would then prevent you learning the hyper-drive blueprint (and if you have done this, we save you). 
Player no longer able to bypass being sent to find hyper-drive tech by reloading a save in game at a very specific point. 
Getting Stuck in the world 
Fixed a couple of low repro bugs that could result in you falling through the world and getting stuck underground. 
A raycast in some space stations could hit a very specific point that would put the player inside the floor. 
Fixed an issue that would cause your ship to be thrown in the sky at high speed when taking off (in rare cases could in turn lead to getting stuck). 
Fixed an issue that would cause your ship to get stuck in terrain and prevent you from taking off, if the player managed to out run generation of terrain LOD 1, and land inside an overhang. 
Some players were unable to achieve the extreme survival journey milestone, this has been resolved. 
Fixed an issue where some players had some technology types being reported as "already known" when they weren't actually known. 
Under some circumstances a message was sometimes misinforming you that you learnt a blueprint when you hadn't, this has been fixed now. 
It was possible you could use up all available slots for waypoints on the galaxy map and be unable to set new waypoints. This is much better now. 
There was a bug that could cause objective markers to disappear when you loaded a previous save. This is fixed now. 
Fixed a rare issue when scanning creatures that would cause all planets to show as 100% complete even if you had only completed one. 
Save / Load 
Fixed a bug what could cause some corrupt save games to not be loaded, this is now fixed. 
Fixed an issue where saves made with the system clock set in the future could cause problems. 
Crash Fixes 
Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when warping into a system with a space battle in progress. 
Fixed a crash that could happen when interacting with an NPC. 
Tweaks and Improvements 
It is now easier to scan flying creatures. 
Fixed height and weight stats being the wrong way around for creatures. 
Gek towers can no longer be interacted with repeatedly. 
The 'You have unredeemed items' message will now only show for the first 5 minutes. 
Fixed getting 0% charge on Photon Cannon when buying a new ship and constantly being prompted to charge it. 
Reduce Suit VO for life support warnings and only do life support VO on 25% and 50%. 
Fixed grave being transferred to the new star system after you warp. 
Fixed toxic protection 3 (theta) from having the wrong name. 
Fixed incorrect marking of sea caves under floating islands. 
Turning down music and SFX volume in the options will now work correctly (mutes the VO also). 
If you change ship or multi-tool and then revert to previous save the ship should now be the one you had at the time. 
Atlas station collision improvements to prevent you from bumping into them too much. 
Fix for the stars not being discarded during load/warp (causing duplicate stars). 
PC Only Issues 
Editing the settings file and corrupting it could cause the game to crash. Instead of crashing it will now revert back to the default settings. 
The inventory screen now works correctly regardless of resolution. 
Added error message for older CPUs without SSE3 support. 
Synchronise frame capping with the first vsync (removes some framerate issues). 
Added steam id to login call to help track down some login issues. 
Fixed the X key size on the galaxy map. 
If you press Tab+P in quick succession, the game paused and didn't let you out of it. 
Fixed a performance issue by defaulting your texture resolution to a sensible value based on available GPU memory.

No Man's Sky [1.07 + 1 DLC] (2016) [RUS] PC

No Man's Sky [1.07 + 1 DLC] (2016) [RUS] PC

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